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Struggling with your story?

We offer workshops to help you sort it out!

Game Writing

  • In-game Text
  • Dialogue

We’ll provide the words for your game or experience, whether that’s on-screen text, voice scripts, hint text or in-game assets – we’ve dealt with everything from children’s rhymes to hundreds of thousands of words of interactive text.

Narrative Design

  • Story Concepting
  • Story Delivery

We’ll help you structure your plot and work out how to deliver it for maximum effect, whether it be via text, dialogue, environment or gameplay.

Setting & Characters

  • Character Creation
  • World Building

We love creating characters, and will gladly work alongside you to build gameworlds for them to live in. We’ve built entire worlds overflowing with lore and history.


  • Dialogue Punch-up
  • Copy Editing
  • Thematic Guidance

If you’re having trouble with an existing story, we can come in and help; we’ll take a critical look at it and make suggestions to punch-up the emotion and smooth out any rough edges. We’ll also help you keep your title thematically consistent throughout, to make sure your message hits home.


  • Voice Direction
  • Scene Direction

We’ve worked with voice actors, with live performance, and with improvisation. It’s our belief that an intimate knowledge of the story is a critical part of the directing process.


  • Narrative Analysis
  • Moment-based Design
  • Finding Your Story

Not sure what your story is? Have a grab-bag of ideas but no coherent plot? No idea who your characters are and what they want? We’ve run many successful workshops to help studios find their stories, providing them with a solid starting point and a clear direction.

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