We're Talespinners.

We help you find the story in your game and deliver it to your players.

We can plot out your narrative, work with you on the design of your characters and world, write dialogue and text, direct artists and actors, and ultimately get the story you want to tell into a player's head.

Give us a shout if you have ideas you want to discuss or problems you want us to solve.

Game Writing

We write games, and we help you write games! We've worked on everything from big-budget AAA console titles to micro-budget mobile games, and we can help you bring your concepts to life.

Interactive Story

Stories that react to the user can be complicated puzzles, quite unlike linear media. We've been writing them for twenty years, and can guide you through the maze.

Narrative Design

We're all about meaningful story that has an impact on the player, viewer or reader, whatever the medium. We can help you decide how to deliver your story to make the most of your themes.

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It was a pleasure working with Ian on The Bunker, he has an expert eye for game design detail and an incredible talent for bringing real humanity to storylines.  His logic in game narrative structure is flawless and he brought an amazing attention to detail to The Bunker, providing layer after layer of storytelling, making the game richer and more immersive.

Allan Plenderleith

Director, Splendy Games

Giles demonstrated fantastic knowledge of story telling techniques, and worked with us to help develop our characters to have real personalities with substance and motivation.

Kirsty Rigden

Producer and Lead Designer on Velocity 2X

Ian’s experience was invaluable at Double Eleven, not only was he able to write the character scripts and in-game plot, but he also took full ownership of that role, implementing and adapting all aspects of the narrative as the game evolved over time.

Gaz Wright

Design Manager, Double Eleven

Giles is one of those people everyone wants to work with again. Dedicated and hard working, able to communicate well, friendly and able to make the tough decisions.

Ian Lowson

Writer, Blue Toad Murder Files
Ian doesn’t just do the job you give him. He brings new ideas, new approaches and directions, and pulls, sculpts and batters your ideas until they look far shinier than they ever were - or would have been – without him. He is an excellent writer, coder, and logical mind that will help you and your project in far more ways than what is written on any contract or agreement.

Olly Bennett

Managing Director, Cardboard Sword
Ian managed a team of writers working on a game for Profound Decisions. His team brought a problematic creative brief to fruition in a way that went beyond any of my expectations. I was extremely impressed with the results, most notably his attention to detail in the output.

Harry Harrold

Creative Lead, Profound Decisions

What's immediately apparent about working with Giles is his writing ability. Eloquent, entertaining and technically near-perfect, it's a joy to read, whether a longform feature article, review, or short blog.

Laura Rich

Deputy Editor, Ready Up