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We haven’t been saying much over the last couple of months. You know that thing about swans looking calm on the surface and yet frantically paddling underneath? That’s us… we’d expected December to be quiet as people wound down for the year, but that didn’t happen. And this year has started with a bang – lots of fantastic projects in the pipeline that we simply can’t talk about yet.

That said, here’s some news we can talk about!

My Child Lebensborn has been nominated for Best Storytelling at the upcoming Pocket Game Awards, and has already won Best Narrative at the TapTap awards in China. This was an emotionally hard project to work on, but was very much worthwhile – we’re happy to see it’s been well-received.

The Spectrum Retreat was nominated for Best Writing in a Video Game at the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards. The wonderful Reigns: Her Majesty won the award, but it’s a privilege to have been on that short list!

We’ll be at GDC in San Francisco in March with a stand on the expo floor, and Ian is a speaker at GDC’s Independent Games Summit. More info here!

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