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Talespinners is celebrating its third birthday this month! Three years have flown by since Ian Thomas and Giles Armstrong co-founded the company, but this last year has seen the greatest changes so far.

We’re still providing Story for Games, whether that is directly via games writing and narrative design, or more indirectly via consultancy and narrative workshops, but we’ve successfully made the transition into becoming a cooperative of freelancers with an influx of new Partners – Cash DeCuir, Chris Tihor, and Matt Gibbs.

Becoming a cooperative has only helped reinforce the values that led Ian and Giles to co-found Talespinners – a means for freelance games writers to support each other, to have colleagues that they can turn to for advice and help, a second set of eyes or a pair of hands, and – perhaps most importantly – emotional support.

With more hands on deck bringing in work, this has led to one of the busiest New Year periods any of us has ever had. Currently, on our roster we have 42 clients/projects that we’re either working on or are yet to be announced, which – although we might not know the ultimate question – is keeping us out of trouble.

Games within the current 42 include work on titles such as: Burden of Command, The Cabin, Cryptant, Haiku Adventure, Inertial Drift, The Lost Librarian, Mosaic, Raiders of Erda, Raji, Siege and The Sandfox, and Frictional’s new top-secret project.

Looking ahead, we’re still taking small steps as we find our stride as a cooperative, as we do we’re hoping to invite a couple more freelancers to join us.

In the meantime, we’d like to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you to all our clients, to our fellow writers and game industry colleagues, to everyone who helps us tell and share Story for Games.

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