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It’s six months since our last State of the Nation and we haven’t stopped. Both Giles and Ian have been working on Talespinners more-than-full-time, and we’ve had extra support from our raft of external writers – several of whom have now joined us as associates! It’s been a joy being involved in so many varied projects, watching them grow from inception into full-fledged playable games.

So let’s quickly catch up with what we’ve been up to since December:

  • Fairytale Distillery‘s The Exiled came to Steam.
  • We created a setting and story for Instinct Games, one of the teams behind Ark: Survival Evolved.
  • Early previews came out for Raiders of Erda, a fantasy VR MORPG we’re working on for Cooperative Innovations.
  • The Bunker went to Cannes as a short film. Not only that, but it’s up for several awards at Develop this year, including Best Writing! It’s also just come out on mobile as well as console/Steam – take a look if you haven’t.
  • We announced that we’re working on Quantum Soup‘s bardic RPG title Talesinger: The Voice of the Dragon – in both Welsh and English.
  • nDreams and Paw Print Games announced Bloody Zombies a 2D VR brawler. Giles had a lot of fun on that one!
  • The team behind Raid: World War II announced that one of their lead actors is John Cleese, which took us all by surprise!
  • We gave a whole load of lectures and talks, including one for BAFTA on horror and philosophy in interactive media.
  • We’ve also talked to lots of people and played loads of great games at GDC in San Francisco, Nordic Game in Sweden, EGX: Rezzed in London and all sorts of other places.

That’s all on top of the other projects we’ve already announced, including our work on Frictional‘s upcoming super-secret game, and on Cardboard Sword‘s The Siege and the Sandfox.

So there we go – our second State of the Nation. It’s impossible to list all the things we’re involved with right now, partly because of NDAs, and partly because there are too many to count! Watch out for more news on releases, there’ll be plenty of excitement in the next few months.

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