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February 8, 2021 by
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Hi all – Ian here. I have some news!

I’m stepping back from my role as an active Partner at Talespinners, effective the end of February 2021.

I’ve accepted a new role at a game studio which will take all of my time, on an exciting project which – of course – I can’t discuss yet! This won’t leave any room for Talespinners, and although I’m sad to be stepping back, I’m very pleased that I’ll be leaving it in such good hands.

When Giles and I founded the company back in 2016, it was just the two of us as freelancers, banding together for mutual support. The company has since blossomed from a partnership into a co-operative of equal members, all working together on multiple projects for clients across the world. I’ve personally worked on over 60 projects at Talespinners, each one different, each one fascinating. I am so pleased that Matt, Chris, Cash, and Michelle stepped up to join me, and it’s great that they and the company are in a position to carry it on and that the company will continue in my absence. They each have a wealth of experience which means Talespinners is in safe hands.

It feels very strange, of course, stepping back from a company that I helped to build. But this new project is something I really want to be able to dedicate myself to.

Thank you so much to all the clients who I’ve worked with through the company, and be assured the wonderful team at Talespinners will still be here whenever you need them!

Best wishes,

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