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Hercule Poirot: The First CasesConsultancy, Narrative Design, Story Design
Gods Will FallConsultancy, Story Design
Amnesia: RebirthCoding, Direction, Narrative Design, Story Design, Writing
Assemble With CareConsultancy, Story Design
Bud Farm: Idle TycoonStory Design, Writing
Nancy Drew: Midnight In SalemConsultancy, Story Design
Minute of IslandsConsultancy, Story Design
Red Bull Mind GamersDesign, Story Design, Writing
Alchemic CutieConsultancy, Story Design
Avo!Consultancy, Story Design
The CabinConsultancy, Story Design
DIVR LabsStory Design, Writing
DepotStory Design, Worldbuilding, Writing
EarplayStory Design
Bloody ZombiesStory Design, Worldbuilding, Writing
Operation ApexStory Design, Writing
TalesingerNarrative Design, Story Design, Writing
SkyStory Design
The ExiledStory Design, Worldbuilding
The Siege and the SandfoxNarrative Design, Story Design, Voice Direction, Worldbuilding
The DescendantNarrative Design, Story Design, Worldbuilding, Writing
Pendragon RisingNarrative Design, Story Design, Writing
Where’s My Shoggoth?Story Design, Writing

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