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  • Disco Elysium wins three awards at the 2020 BAFTA Games Awards, including Best Narrative [List of Finalists]
  • My Child Lebensborn wins BAFTA Game Beyond Entertainment 2019 [List of Finalists]
  • My Child Lebensborn awarded Best Narrative at the Tap Tap awards, 2019
  • The Spectrum Retreat shortlisted for Best Writing in a Video Game by the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, 2019
  • My Child Lebensborn shortlisted for Best Storyline at the Mobile Games Awards 2018 [List of Finalists]
  • Talespinners shortlisted for Best Creative Outsourcer (Visual + Development) at the Develop Awards 2018 [List of Finalists]
  • The Bunker shortlisted for the BAFTA Cymru 2017 [Press Release]
  • The Bunker shortlisted for Best Performance and, importantly, Best Writing at the Develop Awards 2017 [List of Finalists]




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