Game Writing

  • Reactive Storylines
  • In-game Text
  • Voice Scripts
  • Dialogue

We're happy to provide the words for your game, whether that's as on-screen text, voice scripts for your actors, text for items found in world, or complicated dialogue structures - we've dealt with everything from children's rhymes to thousands of words of interactive text.

Narrative Design

  • Story Concepting
  • Story Delivery
  • Character Creation
  • World Building

We'll help you structure your plot and work out how to deliver it for maximum effect, whether it be via text, dialogue, environment or gameplay. We love creating characters, and will gladly work alongside you to build gameworlds for them to live in. We've built entire worlds overflowing with lore and history.

Story Direction

  • Voice Direction
  • Scene Direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Thematic Guidance

We've worked with voice actors, with live performance, and with improvisation. We're happy to help you with direction for your performers - it's our belief that an intimate knowledge of the story is a critical part of the process. We'll also help you keep your title thematically consistent throughout, to make sure your message hits home.


  • Narrative Analysis
  • Dialogue Punch-up
  • Editing
  • Code & Scripting

If you're having trouble with an existing story, we can come in and help; we'll take a critical look at it and make suggestions to punch-up the emotion and smooth out any rough edges. We're also coders as well as designers & writers - we can get involved in the implementation of narrative systems if that's what you need.

We're happy working with Unreal, Unity and many other commercial engines; likewise we're happy to use in-house tools and engines (yes, including C++!) and are comfortable helping you develop your narrative tool-chain. We prototype and write in whatever suits you, including Google Docs, Scrivener, Twine, InkExcel, Final Draft, Articy:Draft - whatever works!

We’ve worked for a large range of international clients on AAA and indie games for console, desktop and mobile; VR experiences; movies; books; comics; live-action events; and board games.