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Since before Christmas, we’ve been going through applications for our new mentorship programme. The aim is to help up-and-coming games writers create solid portfolio pieces, with our guidance and feedback.

We had over fifty entries from all over the world, which was a surprise to us! A wealth of project ideas from fantastic people, all of whom want to find their feet as working games writers. But we were forced to winnow those applications down to just four, as we only have four places.

Thank you to everyone who applied, and we hope the tips everyone received helps you with your next steps.

After much deliberation, we’d love to announce – and to welcome – our first intake of mentees, and we look forward to working with them over the next few months!

Devin Presbury

About: Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, I strongly believe that anything can be deep-fried. I have a B.A. in Interactive Entertainment, an M.F.A. in Writing for Screen & Television from the University of Southern California, and a lot of theories about misunderstood Star Wars villain Elan Sleazebaggano.

The Programme: As an aspiring video game writer, I would like to create an interactive story that will help strengthen my portfolio.

The Project: When her best friend is murdered and she’s targeted next, Ash must break into the memories of her estranged friends to determined which one is the killer.

Kelly Hornung

About: As a fan of interactive narratives and unique games, I am always looking for ways to combine these two interests together.

The Programme: With experience as an essayist and playwright, I’m hoping to build my skills in writing non-linear dialogue and plot, as well as develop strategies for environmental storytelling.

The Project: My game will explore the future of food security and wealth, inspired by the works of Edward Gorey, Punchdrunk Theatre Company and Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Next Floor’.

Maja Bäckvall

About: I’m a Danish/Swedish academic researcher specialising in Viking Age runes and medieval manuscripts. My main claim to fame in the games industry so far has been translating Harald Hardrada’s lines into Old Norse for Civilization VI.

The Programme: I hope to learn more about narrative structure, and ultimately to get one step closer to a career in games.

The Project: Medieval pilgrimage – in SPACE. An interactive travelogue set in a space station society based on medieval Europe.

Melissa Gibbs

About: I am a 22 year old freelance writer and blogger from Montreal who has a degree in literature. When I’m not drowning myself in coffee and working on my manuscript, I’m probably slaying something on Final Fantasy or exploring a tomb with Lara Croft.

The Programme: Working under Talespinners, I hope to gain some insight into the game industry as well as how I can make my project ‘Beneath The Bluest Sea’ become a polished stand-out piece of my portfolio!

The Project: Roan, a human child born in a world of turbulent storms and Blue, a river-spirit stuck in a scorching desert, are thrown together as unlikely friends in a quest to save their parallel worlds from total destruction.

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