Early Preview: Raiders of Erda

Whoops, we missed this! An early preview article on Raiders of Erda, which we’ve been working on with Cooperative Innovations for a while.

From the article:

High-end VR in its current state was practically built for fantasy combat. There are few things more satisfying on either Vive or Rift today than an intense duel with orcs in Vanishing Realms, or a perfect round in Fruit Ninja VR, but these are admittedly limited experiences. They’re lacking in features that keep us from labeling them as truly complete games that you could lose hours in.

Raiders of Erda could be one of the first such games we sink that much time into.

Working with Instinct Games

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re working with Instinct Games, the powerhouse behind Ark: Survival Evolved, on an exciting and yet-to-be-announced project. Can’t wait for you to see it, but it’s early days!


Here’s what they had to say about working with us:

“Talespinners quickly grasped our concept and were immediately able to work it into a captivating and inspirational story. Whenever an issue with the narrative came up, Talespinners were always quick to respond and promptly came up with solutions.” — Mostafa Hafez, CEO

Which was lovely of them! For our part, the project is fantastic and we look forward to playing it!

GDC 2017 – Let’s Meet Up!

Like most of the industry, we're at GDC in San Francisco from Feb 27th to March 3rd. If you'd like to meet up with us to chat about your game's story, we'd be more than happy to oblige. Get in touch. And if you can't make GDC but still want to talk, that's fine too - we're happy to set up a call.

Our base is the UKIE stand, which is 1416 in the South Hall, but we can meet up wherever suits you.


Raid: World War II

Very pleased to announce that we’re working with Lion Game Lion on their upcoming title Raid: World War II. We’re having a lot of fun with it.

We can’t say much, but here’s the blurb from the website to give you a rough overview:

RAID: World War II the first game by Lion game Lion, an independent developer from Zagreb, Croatia. It’s an action-packed four player co-op shooter that lets you play as raiders during the Second World War, doing undercover missions for the allies while stealing Nazi gold.

The Exiled

We’re very happy to say that we’re working with the Munich-based Fairytale Distillery on their PvP Sandbox MMO The Exiled.

The game’s been under development for a while, but has now reached the point where it’s critical to pull together a lot of the early work into a consistent, coherent setting and background. The Exiled presents some unique challenges due to its world and instance structure.

Here’s an article on what we’re bringing to the party.