AdventureX 2017: Non-verbal Narrative Talk

Ian is speaking at AdventureX in London on 11-12th November, giving a talk on all the bits of game narrative that aren’t words.

We’re very happy to be back at the event – there are all-too-few game narrative conventions around, and AdventureX is always good fun. We’re even happier to be one of the sponsors of the event this year!

There are lots of great speakers across both days, and lots of great narrative games to see and play – come along.

Operation Apex

We've been working with Curiscope on Operation Apex, their roomscale VR adventure set in the depths of the ocean. For more info, check out their website here - the ocean is a perfect fit for VR, and given their experience in the field we're excited to see the result.

From the site:

We strongly believe we all have the power to inspire one another to care more about our planet. We are deeply concerned about marine life and its future. The ocean forms two thirds of the Earth and millions of tonnes of plastic ends up in it every year, killing marine life and threatening precious creatures. Operation Apex invites you to get fully submersed in the wonders of the ocean and connect with its inhabitants.


Winter Hall and Depot

The Develop conference in Brighton was excellent for us this year – we’ve just confirmed that we’re working with two new clients who we met for the first time at the event.

Winter Hall is a game in development from Lost Forest Games. At Develop, it was announced as a semi-finalist in the Epic Games/Wellcome Trust Developing Beyond competition. The game focuses on exploring a village in England that has gone through the ravages of the Black Death – you, the protagonist, can jump into different characters’ perspectives to explore the horror-tinged legacy. We’re helping to knock the story into shape and to develop the writing – fingers crossed for the game in the final round of the competition!

Depot is a sci-fi adventure game from Villainous Games. We’re working with Mark and his team to develop the overall story, which we won’t spoil here – keep an eye out for further announcements!

August Talks – Nineworlds and Arcade Vaults

Ian has two talks coming up in the next week.

The first is 3:15 this Sunday at the Nineworlds convention in London. In this talk, Ian will dive into what’s really going on when you’re trying to create strong emotions such as horror in computer games, LARP, and other media, drawing on examples from recent titles he’s worked on. He’ll discuss strategies you can use to elicit specific responses from your players through design, writing, art, sound and gameplay. More information here.

The second is at the Arcade Vaults popup in Cardiff on Monday 7th at 6pm, where Ian will be talking about the bits of game storytelling which aren’t the words, and giving some hints and tips on techniques to use. More information here!


We're really happy to announce that we're working with Earplay, the US company at the forefront of 'stories you play with your voice' - interactive audio productions across devices such as Amazon's Alexa and Google Home.

If you haven't tried out their games, enable Earplay on Alexa or the Google Assistant, or download the Earplay app on iOS or Codename Cygnus on Android. You'll soon get an idea of what's possible; interactive audio plays that put you right at the heart of the action and allow you to steer. 

We're working closely with them to bring a number of new audio drama series to life. Keep your ears open for further announcements as soon we're allowed to talk about them!

(We're also extremely pleased to be working with one of our industry heroes, Dave Grossman. But don't tell him that! He's got to be tired of people talking about three-headed monkeys by now...)

Burden of Command

We've been helping out Green Tree Games for over a year now on their upcoming title Burden of Command.

It's a great idea - a mix of interactive fiction and tactical play, but focusing on what it really means to be a leader of a squad of troops in war - the emotional struggle between keeping your soldiers alive and achieving the army's objectives.

It's built on real-world scenarios drawn from World War 2, and features consultancy from military experts, from game designers and writers such as Chris Avellone and Alexis Kennedy, and from us!

Check out the site, and keep an eye on this one, it's going to be something special.